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In Italy, the electrical systems in house only have a max 6kw output and therefore if you have too much on at the same time, the fuse switch will trip. If this happens, the first box to check is next to the kitchen door, and the next fuse box to check is just inside the 'cantina' store room, next to the kitchen. The main fuse switch is also in the cantina, to the left when you enter, in the corner.


swimming pool lights

To turn the lights on in the pool at night-time, go to the two small shuttered doors behind the low wall at the pool. Open the left-hand door where you will see 2 fuse boxes, timers and switches etc. To the right of the fuse-boxes there are two small black flick switches on each one. One is for the pumps and the other for the lights. Please make sure the pump one isn't switched off and turn the pool lights off when you're done.

pool hoover

DO NOT swim when the hoover is in the pool. If it is on, turn it off (see photo for off switch), then gently pull it towards you with the cable and when it is close to the surface, pull it out with the handle and place it on the hoover base.


DO NOT take any glass to the pool area. Broken glass and bare feet do not mix well. There are some plastic wine glasses etc that you are welcome to take up.


mosquito nets

If you keep the upstairs door always closed and the mosquito nets closed, your nights should be fairly mosquito free - though there are a couple of holes for them to get through. Please be gentle opening and closing the mosquito nets as they're not very robust. To keep the house cool in the day, close all the shutters and windows and then open them up once the sun has set.



At the end of the road are 3 bins; one for general waste, one for paper and one for glass, tin and plastic. They get full very quickly - we suspect other people use them! If you could at least get rid of your general waste when you leave, then Moha can get rid of excess bottles etc. There are some bins near the water fountain on the left, on the way to Grosseto if they are full. Thank you.

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