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food shopping

I prefer the big Coop at the Centro Commerciale Maremma in via Ecuador. The quality of the fruit and veg is decent and as local as possible. They also have a range of gluten free and palm oil free products are labelled.

Otherwise, on the way to Principina a Mare, there is the Centro Commerciale Aurelia Antica with a smaller Coop supermarket inside, which is also good!


Wine tasting

There are so many vinyards in the area and all you have to do is google 'winetasting' to find them, however I have discovered a gem of a place which has fabulous (but not cheap) wine.

If you telephone and ask for Carlo (say you're a friend of mine), he can give you a quick tasting with some delicious cheeses. I particularly like the white 'Igilium' and the two reds 'Mallius' & 'Monte Christi'.

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